Simple planning and understanding your dog's behavior is so important as you plan for your new baby.

This guide will show you how to prepare and how to read your dogs body language too-

Changing your dogs excitable anxious behavior can make all the difference in the world.

This mini course will help your pup adjust to your new baby's arrival.

We hope you enjoy this information as much as we enjoy sharing it with you. It's a simple PDF guide with down to earth concepts AND information on understanding dog body language.

Even if your baby is already here, and you've already looked into dog and baby how to get acquainted info- we know you'll find some great additional tips here too.

It's quick and easy to read. Like all our courses- they get you started right away!

As always, let common sense prevail. If you have a dog with sketchy temperament, seek professional behavioral dog training help. We're happy to guide you with this if you have any concerns.