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Virtually Cold Creek Dog Training !

If you've ever been totally embarrassed by your dog we understand!

We'll show you how to get attention and focus and naturally get your dog to relax... then you can relax too! We're offering our hugely successful in-person programs to you now online so you can learn through our concepts at home at your own pace

You can have the SAME success with your dog online through our proven in-person methods.

We've set up the these programs so the're easy to follow and quick- you don't have to spend hours and hours watching videos!
We get you out working with your pup right away!

We've worked with thousands of dogs and owners between Canada and USA using these same behavioral concepts that we've put online for you. Our six figure dog training company is constantly growing because our clients and dogs are super successful.
That's because we incorporate obedience and most importantly behavioral concepts in how you live with your dog everyday.




We also give you the option for REAL human help-
from a real human trainer if you need it.

Our trainers can guide you virtually from anywhere in the world!

Hi, I’m Rose Deluca-

This is one of my favorite photos from a few years back. Faza with her ball and Czibor giving me his paw.

I've been a dog trainer for much longer than I care to admit these days!

I've a professional 6 figures pet dog trainer for over 18 years with my business Cold Creek Dog Training that started in Ontario Canada and moved the Pennsylvania USA. I've worked with 1,000's of dogs over the years. Dog behavior and changing Challenging Dogs is what we do best.

I've deployed to many disaster situations with my dogs across the US, most notably Doriann, Katrina and the World Trade Center. I'm a FEMA Certified Urban Search and Rescue Canine Search Specialist Dog Handler, Evaluator and Mentor since 1994.

Over the years, my dogs have been featured in Animal Planet's Hero Dogs of 9/11, appearing in SuperPower Dogs (Imax) and as guest on Today's Show with Search and Rescue K9 partner Logan after 9/11 tragedy in 2001 when the whole world stood still and all hearts broke as one.

I've been a Canadian Nationals Schutzhund Sport competitor too and have titled dogs in just about everything out there you can get a title in. That's the fancy stuff- so you can know the level of experience and accomplishment, and success I'm coming from.

The real accomplishment,

is a lifetime of work with dogs and people just like you.

I'd like you to rest assured that our courses will work for you at home-

We KNOW they will-

You just need to do it!

We have a 30 day money back guarantee on ALL our programs.

You can try them with confidence and know they REALLY will work.

What we have to share is life changing.

We know this because we not only teach it every day- we live it too, just like you!

It's where our saying... where dogs take their people for training® comes from-